Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush J U T U R N A
Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush J U T U R N A
Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush J U T U R N A
Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush J U T U R N A
Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush J U T U R N A

Natural Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush

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This is a natural soft bristles bamboo toothbrush, another zero waste alternative to those traditional plastic toothbrushes. They are made from moso bamboo wood. The soft and firm pointed bristles can gently clean hard-to-reach areas where a normal flat-bristled toothbrush cannot. It's perfect for cleaning your teeth without the use of toxic chemicals. This is probably one of the easiest and most cost-effective products to start on your zero waste journey.



Soft-Medium (0.5-inch long bristles)


Handle made entirely of bamboo wood

Nylon bristles (BPA free)


Black bristles (infused with activated charcoal)

White bristles


For adults and older children,

Approx. 7" long x 0.5" wide x 0.2" thick

There will be no boar or animal products.


Brush teeth gently for 2 minutes with a wet toothbrush and toothpaste on the bristles, then rinse mouth.Use pliers to remove the bristles before composting the bamboo handle.


Rinse and air dry after each use.Do not let the bamboo handle soak in water for a long period of time; it will damage the wood.


While the naturally colored nylon bristles cannot be composted, we recommend pulling the bristles out and tossing them in your trash or shipping them to Terracycle for recycling. The bamboo handle is compostable. The entire product is biodegradable.

Why is bamboo so sustainable?

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods in the world. Bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen than any other tree in the world. Bamboo wood can be compostable and biodegradable. They are very much like grass, once cut, and will regrow continuously. It can be grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, due to a unique rhizome-dependent system. Certain species of bamboo can grow 910 mm (36 in to 50 in) within a 24-hour period. That is 1 inch every 40 minutes!


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Made in China

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Merry Christmas to you too!!

I even got a 3rd free tooth brush and got a sweet note 😻😻😻😻merry Christmas to you too 🥰🥰🥰

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Soft and Very pretty

I bought a 4 pack of these and love them, I tried them out and they are pretty soft and is very pretty in my opinion. I bought the four pack so I could have some when my friends came over because I felt bad when I would use the normal plastic ones and they would only use them a few times so i’m so exited to have these.

Return Customer here!

Return customer! I love these toothbrushes so much