Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

Please use the provided tracking number to track your carrier transit status for your order. Usually it may take 24 hours for tracking updates to appear. If you have any questions about the status of your order please feel free to contact us. For shipping information, please see our Shipping policy.

Please note, Juturna Studios LLC is not liable for any packages lost by shipping carriers, such as USPS etc., or packages that are marked as delivered but not received by the customer. 

A claim can be filed for the item(s) if insurance is purchased with an order. 

This allows replacement eligibility, refunds via USPS and includes tracking with your order. If the claim is not approved by the carrier, product replacement will be determined on a case by case basis. Remember to please confirm your shipping address is correct, and send us an email at info@juturnasustainablestudios.com with your order number if you need any assistance.

After an order has been marked as delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Juturna Studios LLC are also not responsible for shipments where a customer failed to provide the correct shipping address.

Allergy Concerns?

Natural ingredients can cause allergic reaction as well such as fruits, nuts, herbs, and flowers that we use in our products. Always read all ingredients, usage, posts, and labels. Spot test first for 24 hours to see if you or the user have any allergy reaction. Discontinue use, if redness or irritation develops and immediately consult your health care provider. Do not use products on broken or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

Products with scented oil may cause allergic reactions for people that have unusually sensitive skin. Not recommended to be used on babies, pregnant or breast feeding due to the lack of clinical testing on essential oils. Talk to your health care provider before using the product.

By purchasing you are agreeing to all shop policies. Please read the ingredients and description before using and avoid use if you think it may cause a reaction.

Packages in Hot temperature?

Some products are high heat sensitive. If you are not available to pick up your package at your delivery location, please have it delivered to your office or another address so your package will not sit in the sun all day.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes. We offer e-gift cards. An e-gift card is a credit that you can apply to a purchase. You can redeem an e-gift card at checkout by typing in the code. If you select it as the payment option at checkout it will be applied to your purchase. 

Can I use a promo code on top of a promotion?

Unfortunately, promotions and discount offers cannot be combined.

Plastic Free Shipping? 

Plastic has become our Global problem.

So YES!! We commit to do our part to help save our planet by using natural non-toxic ingredients and compostable, recyclable, or reusable materials.

We package and ship all products with plastic-free materials, paper labels, recycled padded mailers, certified compostable bags, starch clear tape, and upcycle and reuse post-consumer shipping materials. Everything can be composted, reused, or recycled, and is 100% biodegradable. Each and every purchase is packaged with care and mindfulness.

Thank you for your support and helping the environment together!

Product Expiration?

We use fresh, natural raw, organic ingredients with no artificial preservatives added to any of our products, and made in small batches to retain freshness.

The estimated shelf life for each individual product: typically between 3-9 months.

Oil-based products: Usually 6-12 months or when oil starting to smell funny. 

Soap bars: typically 12 months depend on humidity and moisture level. 

For the liquid creations, which are completely oil based with no added water (facial washes and mists are exceptions), the product may begin to develop an 'old oil' smell if used beyond its shelf life due to oxidation of the oils. It will still be perfectly usable, but may not smell so great. Mold will only occur when water is accidentally introduced into the product container. 

Water-based creations, natural products that contains water can mold, especially when raw water is accidentally introduced or product is improperly stored. Always keep natural products away from sunlight and warm temperature, and store them in cool shaded areas (below or at normal room temperature).

Natural products like toothpaste, needs to be tightly sealed after every use and to be placed in cool and shaded area at all time. Place in refrigerator during storage or when not planning to use for a while after open, as natural toothpaste is made with organic natural ingredients without any preservatives and does contain water. 

I'd like your site to carry or sell my product. How can I apply?

If you'd like Juturna Studios LLC to carry your eco-friendly product, please kindly send us an email at info@JuturnaSustainableStudios.com. We love collaborating with like-minded companies and makers that has a passion and vision for helping our planet.

Soap Care?

Our handmade soap is different from store bought soaps. Quality handmade soap contains quality fat or oils and vegetable glycerin to retain moisture on skin, whereas store bought soap has purposely had the glycerin removed, making a harder drier bar.

Please keep your handmade natural soaps dry between uses, in a draining soap dish. This ensures that your soap will last longer.

With high quality soaps, its normal to see crystals on soap bars because the natural ingredients, such as sea salts and glycerin attracts moisture. If you see any crystals on soap, simply just wipe off with napkin gently. If you are not planning to use the soap please keep them in a sealed container and store in a dry warm place (example: dresser).

Can we mail you our old jars after we are done? 

Yes! If you wish to mail in your old empty glass bottles, please do so, we will clean, sterilize, and reuse them for candles or other non personal care related products. Let us know if you want us to reuse the same jars for your refills.

Can we order refills? 

Yes! Just order a refill at the option box and we will send you a new glass bottle with a metal cap so you can reuse your old pump or spray from your first purchase. 

Will your soap work in hard water?

Our soap works in most households even with hard water. Some natural soap and synthetic commercial detergent soaps react differently to certain hard water. The over-abundance calcium and magnesium decrease lather and affect the cleansing and rinsing abilities of natural soaps while synthetic detergents are typically less susceptible to the effects of hard water. As such, we do not recommend using natural cleaning soaps in households with hard water.

How do you know if you have hard water?

Signs include but are not limited to mineral build up around water fixtures, soap scum in your sink and bathtub, mineral scale on dishes and residue on dishes.

What kind of soap dish is compatible with dishwashing soaps?

Stainless steel, ceramic, bamboo fiber with starch, and strong solid wood. Household dish and laundry soap contain strong concentrations of cleaning ingredients that focus on breaking down oil efficiently. This may lead to wearing out any kind of wood finish. If you are still interested in using wooden dish for your dish soap, the dish is still perfectly functional and will show its beautiful natural wood grain.

How do you use Charcoal Water Filters? 

Once you receive your charcoal, please remove from wrapping and rinse thoroughly with a brush. After rinsing, boil the charcoal in water for 10 minutes to refresh. Take charcoal out and let dry completely (preferably under the sun). Once dried, place charcoal in container with tap water (size and quantity use according to water volume). Wait minimum six hours - eight hours (regular size charcoal) in two liter of water. Repeat steps every two weeks to refresh. At end of life, dispose charcoal in soil or upcycle as fertilizer after four to six months of use. If used daily, dispose at four months. 

How many charcoal water filters do you need for a two gallon water container? 

You will need two pieces of regular size Binchotan charcoal water filters and wait at least 24 hours to purify a two gallon tap water container.