Natural Underarm Detox Mask J U T U R N A
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Natural Underarm Detox Mask J U T U R N A
Natural Underarm Detox Mask J U T U R N A
Natural Underarm Detox Mask J U T U R N A
Natural Underarm Detox Mask J U T U R N A

Natural Underarm Detox Mask

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This Natural Underarm Detox Mask is formulated to aid those who are trying to transition to a natural deodorant after using commercial antiperspirants for years. 

The formula is vegan and made with activated charcoal, volcanic clay, organic flowers, and essential oils that naturally deep clean, absorb build-ups, and rid the body of odor-causing bacteria. Use this mask especially during the first few weeks of the transition period, when you're sweating more, until your body has finished releasing build-ups under your armpits.

This mask comes in the form of powder, so it can be mixed with apple cider vinegar (water is fine but acv is highly recommended), making this a highly effective detoxifying mask.  

If you already have a fitting-sized jar, feel free to order refills to reduce waste. 



2oz. Glass jar (Last approx. 2 weeks, if apply it 3 times a week). 

Refills come in a sealed, certified compostable clear bag.


SHELF LIFE: 2 years unmixed with liquid. Once mixed with liquid, 2 days. 

LID COLOR: Lid color (black or silver) depend on availability. 


Do not use a metal spoon; metal will deactivate the effectiveness. Use a clean, dry spoon. Keep tap water away from the container. Pour or scoop a small amount of powder into a small bowl and start with only a few drops of apple cider vinegar or water to create a paste. Then apply an even layer to each armpit and let it sit for 5–10 minutes with your arms raised. Rinse with a wet towel or in the shower. Remove immediately if irritation occurs. Repeat 2 to 3 times a week, before applying natural deodorant. 

When done correctly, the detoxification period takes an average person 2–4 weeks, depending on their diet.

During the armpit detoxification period, it is normal to sweat and smell more. It is a sign that your body is getting rid of toxins and is going through withdrawal from the chemicals in your conventional deodorant. 


Volcanic Clay and Activated Charcoal (arrived from coconut), Calendula flower**, Essential oils* or Unscented 

Certified Organic**/ Organic ingredients*


The statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered in this shop are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Although we use all natural ingredients, some of them can cause allergic reactions in people that have unusually sensitive skin. We do not recommend using it on babies or those pregnant or breast-feeding. Talk to your health care provider before using the products if you have any of these conditions. Make sure to read the ingredients and discontinue use if an allergic reaction or irritation occurs.

NOTE: Crystal, Underarm Detox Bar, Magnesium Deodorant Spray, and Hemp Soap Bag are not included.


Hand Made in USA

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Chad from Hudson
Care Package Order- First time

I bought the care package for the magnesium deodorant and have not used the detox mask yet. They also sent me a Eucalyptus soap bar sample that I really like. Just a little soap goes a long way so the bar will last much longer than the average soap.

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