Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set J U T U R N A
Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set J U T U R N A
Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set J U T U R N A
Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set J U T U R N A

Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set

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This Stainless Steel Straws Bag Set is the perfect alternative to single-use plastic straws. Plastic straws are one of the top 10 items found every year during the International Ocean Clean Up. More than 1 in 3 marine animals have been found entangled with plastic waste. It is time to end single-use plastic waste once and for all.

This high-quality reusable straw set has four straight and four curved stainless steel straws with 2 cleaner brushes (optional) and a heavy-duty 100% cotton bag.


=== BENEFITS ===
- Perfect for Anywhere
- High Quality Stainless Steel
- Food grade and Dishwasher Safe
- Durable and Easy to clean
- Eco-Friendly and Plastic Free
- Long Enough for Tall cups and Bottles
- Good for Us and Planet Earth



ITEMS: 8 Straws + 1 Bag + 2 Long Cleaning Brushes (optional).

COLOR: Silver straws/ Light beige cotton bag


SIZE: Length: Approximately 10.5", Width: 0.24" or 6 mm

USE INSTRUCTION: Take it anywhere with you and use it as normal, with caution.

CLEANING TIP: Use soapy water, clean with our long cleaning brush, and rinse.

DISPOSAL: 100% recyclable metal. Check with your local recycling company.

CAUTION: Please use this with caution. Do not leave it with children unattended, just like any utensil. 

It is shipped in 100% recyclable paper-based materials such as recycled labels, recycled mailer envelopes, and recycled paper for cushioning. Upcycling or recyclable packaging materials as much as possible is used to reduce material waste.

Made in China

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Love them so much!

I use these EVERY DAY! Love them so much!