Zero Waste Solid Dish Washing Soap
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap
Solid Dish Soap Brick Bar J U T U R N A
Zero Waste Dishwashing Soap
Zero Waste Solid Dish Washing Soap
Solid Dish Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Soap
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap Bar
Zero Waste Dish Washing Soap Set
Eco Friendly Solid Dish Soap
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A
Vegan Solid Dish Washing Soap J U T U R N A

Solid Dish Soap Brick Bar

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This is a vegan multi-purpose kitchen cleaner for your entire home. Our powerful solid dish soap brick bars are long-lasting and safe for hand washing your kitchen wares. It is tough on grease and leaves no residue on dishes but a sparkly shine. It pairs perfectly with our dishwashing loofah, dishcloth, and natural brushes.

Our Zero Waste Solid Dishwashing Soap Bar naturally helps disinfect and deodorize and is a powerful grease and stain remover for fabrics, tubs, grimy vents, stove tops, and much more.

Different shapes and sizes of 6 and 11oz bars are available. One dish bar can help prevent multiple plastic bottles and chemicals from polluting our oceans and Earth.

Made with just a few ingredients from organic premium oils and natural ingredients.

100% Natural and biodegradable, plastic free dish soap.

Vegan, sustainable, palm-free, and non-toxic.

Handcrafted in USA.

Our bricks and bars are designed to fit in most soap dishes.

When your order arrives, it will come in upcycled or 100% plastic-free and compostable shipping materials. Good for us and the Planet Earth!



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Lavender, Lemongrass, or Unscented

(Natural essential oils for scents will be lighter than synthetic fragrances.)



10-11 oz (Tile/Labeled)

10-11 oz (Brick/Labeled)

5-6oz Sample Bars (Unlabeled, unless in gift set)

4-4.5oz+ Miscut/ Imperfect Sample Bar (Unlabeled)

(All hand-cut bars. )



Wrapped in recycled paper. Shipping is entirely plastic-free.


Brushes, dishes, refills, crystal, mats, towels, glass, and sponges in the pictures are not included.



Wet a washcloth, scrub, or sponge and rub it on the soap until a lather forms, then wash the dishes as usual.Use more soap for greasier pans and dishware. For greasy stainless steel appliance surfaces, use a wet cloth (do not use a brush) and rub on soap. Gently wipe a soapy towel on the grease. Wait about 30 minutes. Use a clean, wet towel and wipe away grease. Repeat if needed. Rinse your hands completely after every use. For hard water, use a napkin or towel and wipe dry after cleaning for crystal-clear glassware.


Use a soap dish and keep it dry between each use to extend the life of the soap.


Saponified organic coconut oils**, sunflower oil*, safflower oil, distilled water, kaolin clay, glycerin*, pure essential oils, etc.

Certified organic** /Organic* non-gmo ingredients


It contains tree nuts, coconut. Use gloves as needed to protect your hands.


If an allergic reaction or irritation occurs, discontinue use. Products with natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions as well, such as fruits, nuts, herbs, and flowers. Natural essential oils or fragrance oils may cause allergic reactions in people that have unusually sensitive skin.


The statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered in this shop are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is the result of my personal research, experience, and opinion and is not to be considered as medical claims for any ingredient.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
This stuff is amazing on grease!

This was my first time buying bar dish soap and I didn't know what to expect. What I got was essentially a really hard bar of soap and I was like huh interesting. After that first use I immediately bought another bar (a larger one). This stuff is amazing on grease! I noticed I was wearing the bar down quicker than I wanted so I cut off a piece of soap stuck it in one of my old foam soap dispensers with water and made my own foaming dish soap so I could stretch it. No matter which for you use it this is good stuff!

Tried many and these are the best!

I've tried many many alternative dish soaps to be more eco-friendly and these bars are by far the best!

Meleina Groves
Pretty decent Bar

I got the big brick, which is holding up really well so far, been using ~2weeks. The bigger bars seem to not break down as quickly. I haven't noticed much residue on glassware, which is something you kind of have to deal with more when you use the bar dish soap. Just have to rinse well and promptly. It gets nice and sudsy, maybe my only complaint is I have to wash really oily dishes 2x before they really feel clean. And with all bar soaps there is a little soap scum buildup in the sink. But I just scour with baking soda every so often.

Briana A.
Fantastic as always!

Fantastic as always! Thank you!

This works great!!

This soap works great! And it doesn't have a strong smell, which is so nice for me because I'm very sensitive to smells, even natural ones.